Getting Started
We are not simply spiritual beings; our bodies, minds, and emotions are all interconnected to form our reality. The personal inventory offered in “I Am Renewed” examines each of the different facets of your being to help you discover which areas of your life have been most ensnared by the lies of this world. The results of the inventory will yield a customized plan that will start you on a seven-week journey to holistic renewal. Every day, you will receive an email that includes short reflections and prayers on the topics most relevant to you and your personal transformation. Take the inventory to begin living your life in the fullness of the Kingdom truths.

How to Take It
Read each statement and select for yourself whether it is true or untrue. Simply ask yourself if you can point to this truth in your life. If any part of the statement is untrue for you, then select untrue. Please allow 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment.

May you be blessed as you advance on a journey of Kingdom renewal…

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