Experience Heaven on Earth when you exchange the lies of this world for the Truths of the Kingdom

Lies creep into our hearts and minds moment by moment while we are kept unaware of the hopelessness, irritability, insecurity and loneliness in our lives.

“We can only rely on ourselves in this life.”
“We have to have it all together.”
“We are victims of our circumstances.”

ATHOE offers daily declarations and simple prayers to increase our awareness and replace the lies of this world with the
Truths of the Kingdom.

We are not alone… God, I confess my sin and need for you.
We can give to God what we can not control... God, I release all my fear and anxiety to you.
We have power and authority in Christ… I command all darkness away in the name of Jesus.

Begin living in these Truths today! We offer daily reminders straight to your inbox that include short readings, videos and the declarations of ATHOE.


Spin above to take a moment to pray a Truth of the Kingdom over your life.


I Am Free is a one week reading plan with videos that walk you through the declarations of ATHOE. These declarations, when expressed, begin to shed light to the lies that are rooted within us. Light always overcomes the darkness so victory is already yours.

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A 7- week journey applying the Truths of the Kingdom to claim authority over your life.

We are holistic beings; our bodies, spirits, minds, and emotions are all interconnected to form our reality. I Am Renewed offers a personal inventory to help you discover which areas of your life have been most ensnared by the lies of this world. Your results will yield a customized, holistic plan to help you begin to take authority over your life.

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To experience athoe in community, come check out one of our weekly transformation groups.
Details can be found at www.ocnsandimas.com.

Our Testimonials

ATHOE is about facing your fear and resting in the Truth. When we know who we are- who God created us to be- that's when we can begin to live into the fullness of the Kingdom.

Angela Cox

18 Jul 2018

ATHOE has been a refreshing tool for me that before my feet hit the ground I could refocus. It has brought me restoration not just spiritually but physically, mentally and emotionally.

Connie Lannom, San Dimas, CA

25 Dec 2016